Locking Raised Toilet Seat with Arms


    “Add comfort with ease of use with the raised toilet seat with armrests. It’s been designed to assist those with bending or sitting difficulties by adding 4-1/2 in of height to the toilet seat. This seat features an easy-to-use lock and padded armrest for added safety and stability. The installations is quick, secure and tool-free. Fits most toilets.
    Our patented lock tightens the toilet seat riser onto the toilet for added safety and security
    It can be switched on or off with just the turn of the dial
    Sitting or standing on the toilet can be difficult for those with weak legs or existing injuries
    This bathroom safety aide provides toilet assistance for elderly persons, handicapped or anyone recovering from surgery
    It reduces the distance that users have to go to sit or stand
    The toilet elevator features padded armrests to provide a stable support surface for added help when sitting or standing
    This is great for anyone with balance issues or significant health conditions where they struggle to sit or stand
    Installation is easy with this toilet assist riser
    Because there are no tools required, attaching it to the toilet can be done quickly
    This feature makes it a perfect portable toilet seat riser for anyone that travels often
    We’ve constructed this elevated toilet seat to be used continuously and long term
    It’s made of heavy-duty plastic that can support up to 300 lb
    It’s lightweight and portable, so the user will never have to worry about going places without it
    It’s locking mechanism has been designed to fit most standard toilet bowls
    Holds pad or liner securely in place for leakage protection where you need it most
    For secure, comfortable fit
    Washable panty with built-in protective pouch, moisture-proof pouch”